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How our service works

Snow removal starts when at least 4 inches have fallen in driveways. Timing of these starts depends on when there is enough snow to get started. If it has snowed during the night then we will generally start about 3-4 am.

All our drivers have a certain route which they have had for several years. The occupied homes are highlighted and are serviced first. This allows for those to get out as soon as possible for work or play. We then go back through our route and do the unoccupied homes. Each driver gets to know the needs of their customers and work very hard to satisfy the clearing requirements for them.

We ask that second homeowners either e-mail or call with their homes occupied schedule. This enables us to prioritize your home so it is plowed on the first pass. All homes however are plowed every storm.

During storms we ask that you park on one side of your driveway or the other. And if you have the room, and more than one car in the drive, to park behind the other. this allows us to come in and clear half the driveway. When you wake, we ask that you move the cars to the clear side so we can finish the driveway when we make our second pass.