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 What is the difference between a full season and your per plow contract?
Our full season contract is a one-time fee for unlimited snow removal throughout the season. With our per plow contract, you are billed monthly for the amount of visits. This is not an on call service, we plow all storms that leave at least 4 inches. The best value over the years has been the flat rate full season contract.

Why should you let us know when your home will be occupied, including arrival and departure dates?
It is imperative we know when your home is occupied so we can plan our route’s accordingly. We plow all the homes known to be occupied first and then plow the unoccupied homes. This allows for a more timely service to homeowners who are in Mammoth at the time of a storm. If you are a second homeowner and have arrived without our knowledge you run the risk of being plowed late, call or e-mail, even the day before you arrive, and we will add you to our occupied homes list. or 760-934-9404 .

Do I need to do this if I live here full time?
No; as a permanent resident we have you on our priority list each time.

Can we be reached during a storm?
Yes, during a storm our office phone will be forwarded to Gary or Tim who will answer any questions you may have. Updates on storms and planned snow removal efforts will be available at this number as well 760-934-9404. During storm periods please call emails may not be read during our busy time.

Are your prices competitive?
Yes, our prices are competitive but our service is better. We don’t have a clause in our contract like our competitors that states your home will be serviced only once in a 24 hour period. All homes are plowed once, twice and a third time if needed. The amount you pay is determined by the contract you choose, by the season or per plow. Please refer to the information above for the differences between the two. Remember a cut rate means cut service.Tim’s Snow Removal prides itself on years of quality, efficient work.

Can I change my mind half way into the season from per plow to seasonal?
No, contracts run from November 1 to May 1 of any given year.

What time will you begin snow removal?
We will begin snow removal operations when snowfall reaches a depth of at least 4 inches. The timing of storms vary, so promising you to be plowed by a certain time is unrealistic. It takes each machine a few hours to get through our occupied homes, someone is first and someone is last. If a storm starts in the afternoon and is forecasted to snow through the night, then we will wait and start around 3 in the morning. This gets everyone plowed by early morning. During heavy storms you may be plowed early, but by the time you wake up there can be as much as a foot back in your driveway. Don’t panic, we will be back.

What if it is snowing like crazy, I’ve got 1-2 feet of snow in my driveway, the city snowplow hasn’t come by yet, and I want to get out?
First, please be aware of your vehicle’s capabilities. and limitations. For instance, how suitable are your vehicle’s tires to heavy snow conditions. Does it have high or low ground clearance? If there is 1-2 feet of snow in your driveway, a similar amount will be in the street. It may be safer to remain in your warm dry home rather than getting stuck in the street. If you feel confident in your ability and your vehicles ability to drive to adverse conditions, then by all means stay with your schedule. Snow storms can cause major inconvenience, know that we’re doing our best to get to everyone in a timely manner. Big storms, high winds and streets that haven’t been plowed all factor into how fast our service can be provided.

What is your policy on berm removal?
For a number of reasons it is impossible to coordinate our residential snow removal routes with the city snow plowing crews. We do our best to clean up berms when we come back through our routes to do the unoccupied homes and clean up behind cars that have been moved. If a berm is quite large it is a good idea to shovel out an opening to the street rather than take a chance of getting high centered and stuck.

Can I expect my driveway to be free of snow all the time?
We have no control over Mother Nature; many of our Sierra storms will last for hours or even days, start at different times and deposit different snow amounts in different areas. We will be doing our best to keep your home accessible during those periods.

What if I’m sleeping when you come by and I didn’t move my care?
On storm nights if you have two cars please park one behind the other on the right or left side of the driveway. We can then clean one side completely. When you wake up we ask that you move the cars to the cleaned side of the driveway. We then can clean up the other side when we come back through our route. If you do not move your car before our second pass your driveway will not be cleaned until the next storm.

What if I have my deck or roof shoveled and we have no where to put the snow but back in the driveway?
If we have been by and cleared the driveway and the storm is over we don’t come out until the next storm. If we are required to make a special trip back our because of deck or roof clearing there will be an extra charge for the trip regardless of your contract options. If there is extra snow shoveled into the driveway and we clear it during our normal route schedule there’s no additional charge.

How do I reach Tim’s Snow Removal?
Please leave a message at our office phone, 760-934-9404 or you can e-mail us with your home occupancy schedule or

Do you offer any discounts?
All contracts received by October 15th will be discounted $50 and will have snow stakes installed at no charge.

Neighbor or friend referrals?
We offer our customers $50 for any referrals to our snow removal service. You get $50 and they get the best service possible!

What if I sell my home during the season?
We ask that you pro-rate your fees with your escrow. If that is not possible then we will pro-rate the fees and refund you the difference.

Helpful Hints

  1. Second Homeowners should provide dates on which the home will be occupied.
  2. Keep driveway clear of any objects that could harm snow blower, such as firewood, dog chains, shovels, ski’s, etc.
  3. During a storm park cars on one side of the driveway and if possible park one car behind the other to allow one full side of the driveway to be cleared. When you wake up, move your cars to the cleared part of the driveway and the other side will be cleared when we come back around the route.
  4. If a snow stake becomes loose or falls into the driveway please remove it so that is does not get stuck in the snow blower. Please call our office to schedule re-installation of the snow stake.
  5. During a big storm make sure that the bumpers of any cars are not buried and are visible so that they can be seen by our drivers.
  6. During storms our office number is forwarded to Gary enabling you to communicate your needs and us to respond accordingly; our office number is 760-934-9404.
  7. Please do not email during storm periods with immediate requests.